Journal Entry
The Nature of Camp
Written by
Blake Levy
Published on
March 19, 2021

Camp Presents was established to bring people together, share stories, and create change.

We call Camp Presents a Sustainable Media Company for a reason:

  1. Our mission is Sustainability; to use the tools and resources to make a social impact in our community.
  2. What we do is Media; we tell stories to connect and engage audiences.
  3. We do so as a Company; to work together.

We believe in creating a sustainable environment now and for future generations. We set out to recognize historical practices, learn what other people and organizations are doing, and explore how we can collaborate to go further. This led us to apply to become a B Corporation, a new kind of company that balances people, planet, and profit. After a thorough certification process, we adapted our operating agreement to say, "the purpose of the Company shall include creating a material positive impact on society and the environment."

After that, we focused on creating an ecosystem that can grow upon a foundation of best practices. We do this by being unafraid in our pursuit of environmental change and setting sustainability as the default. As an example, we moved our financial resources to Beneficial State Bank, which invests in local communities and renewable energy, aligning with our vision of environmental stewardship.

However, we are just getting started. In 2020, we hired Natasha Saxena as our in-house Sustainability Coordinator. Natasha seizes new initiatives to inform daily decisions, guide long-term company goals, and joins us at the beginning of a project to discover environmental alternatives. By directly connecting our in-house Sustainability Coordinator to our leadership team, we give sustainability the power to influence decisions and create real change.

We operate in the field of media, providing creative and strategic production services to change-makers, advocacy organizations, and progressive corporations. We are agnostic to format and believe in exploring emerging technologies guided by the art and craft of cinema to produce experiences that captivate audiences. Creating connection through the power of storytelling is at the core of our endeavors.

We are organized as a company so we can come together to pursue our passions, love the purpose of our efforts, and live a life beyond our wildest imaginations. We have spent time on exciting and high-impact projects, but what makes them fun is not what we do but who we work with. Our community of friends, peers, and partners inspires us every day.

We believe in learning from the past, living in the present, and building a brighter future for everyone.

Camp Presents