Journal Entry
Employee Engagement & Sustainability
Written by
Natasha Saxena
Published on
March 4, 2022

March is B Corp Month. To celebrate and champion fellow B Corps that are doing good around the world, we wanted to highlight an organization we interact with on a daily basis: Ecosia.

Our team is always on the lookout for ways to be sustainable together in a hybrid environment. With many of us operating remotely and in different parts of the world, it's not always possible to participate in environmentally friendly activities in person. Luckily, we came across a purpose-driven company that is helping people across the world make a difference in a fun, easy, and rewarding way.

Using their profits to empower local communities to plant trees, Ecosia is our company’s search engine of choice. Ecosia is like Google, except they use their profit to plant trees. Globally, Ecosia users have planted over 140 million trees!

If you’re looking for an easy way to help the environment as an individual or organization, Ecosia is a great place to start. Anyone can plant trees simply by adding it as an extension on Chrome, Safari, or as a stand-alone phone app.

Why search with Ecosia?

Ecosia is privacy-friendly and radically transparent. They release monthly financial reports and tree-planting updates so users can trust Ecosia’s positive environmental impact. Like us, Ecosia is a certified B Corporation legally obligated to balance people, planet, and profit.

Ecosia is also CO2 positive. This means they go beyond carbon neutral and actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. They can do this with the trees they plant and because they run on 200% solar power.

Thanks to their solar plant, a single search with Ecosia removes 1kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Thus, Ecosia is a platform that empowers any user to help fight the climate crisis.

We switched our entire team’s operations to Ecosia in 2021 so we can support nature and people in our day-to-day activities. Thanks to Ecosia’s built-in tree counter, we can see that we have planted 585 trees as a team!

People behind the trees.

With its goal of radical transparency, Ecosia shares videos and blogs about its tree planting operations. They also share inspiring stories about the people behind the trees.

A personal favorite of ours is about their tree-planting partner, Piet Abik, a 70-year-old climate activist from the Dayak Tribe in Indonesia. Piet’s story is one of hope and positive environmental change through collective action.

In partnership with Ecosia, Piet is tackling the issue of palm oil in his home country. With the promise of an income, palm oil companies have enticed impoverished Indonesian farmers to grow palm oil plantations. However, planting only a single species of trees results in a loss of biodiversity and infertile land. Eventually, once the land is unusable, the palm oil companies leave and Indonesian farmers are in poverty once again.

Piet is changing things for the better. He encourages his community to join his tree-planting movement to revive the land. Ecosia funds Piet’s trees and provides an income for these farmers so they can choose green jobs. Today, over 2,000 farmers have joined Piet’s movement - together they are regreening Indonesia.

Global impact beyond trees.

Ecosia’s trees are restoring rivers, wildlife habitat, and fighting global hunger around the world.

  • Trees nurseries in Uganda are helping to sustain the local chimpanzee population.
  • In Kenya, native trees are capturing rainwater allowing river communities to thrive again.
  • In Senegal, farmers are growing forest gardens with fruits and vegetables - empowering families to fight hunger and poverty.
  • In India, trees are connecting forest patches that are restoring elephant and tiger migration paths.

How using Ecosia impacts our team.

Research shows that companies who choose to participate in sustainability build happier, more engaged teams. As a sustainable company ourselves, it's important to us that we live into our values. Ecosia allows the Camp team to feel good about supporting sustainability in our day-to-day activities. We can also celebrate how many trees we've planted together at the end of each year thanks to Ecosia’s built-in tree counter.

We love supporting like-minded social businesses that are using business as a force for good. We encourage you to join us in the fight against climate change and search with Ecosia alongside us!

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