Journal Entry
2021 Sustainability Report
Written by
Natasha Saxena
Published on
January 31, 2022

This month Camp Presents released their 2021 Sustainability Report outlining their yearly impact from production activities, climate-positive actions, and commitments to serving people and nature.

Gathered by the Camp Presents team and their in-house Impact Lead, the report follows guidelines from Albert’s Screen New Deal and B Corporation’s Net Zero guidelines. You can expect to see information in these key areas:

  • Energy & Transportation: among the top two most pollutive activities in the industry, the team outlined what they currently do and what policies are in place to ensure Camp’s carbon footprint remains low.
  • Impact by the numbers: these are environmentally-conscious actions taken by the company as a whole that benefit people and nature. It includes financial, political, and personal decisions that contribute to the company’s vision for a more just future.
  • Our Partners: Camp chooses mission-aligned partners by utilizing resources from PGA (Producers Guild of America) Green, Albert, and B Corporation. Our partners help us be more sustainable up and down our supply chain.

Additionally, the report touches on Camp’s goal to become Net Zero by 2030 and its involvement in the global United Nations conference, COP26. Get all the details by downloading the 2021 Sustainability Report here.

About Camp

Camp Presents is a sustainable media company and certified B-corporation. We offer storytelling and production services to change-makers, advocacy organizations, and progressive corporations. For more information visit our website or contact us at